Team Legacy UK

Team Legacy UK

Team Legacy UK – Hillclimb Racers Team Legacy are a racing team here in the UK currently sporting a Subaru RS MK1 and taking part in multiple hill racing competitions. To this point they’ve managed to succeed in some great places at all events as well as regular guests at Retro Ride meets and similar …

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Holeshot Racing 3

Holeshot Racing

Holeshot Racing have been customers of ours for a very longtime as well as there owner Jack ‘Frost’ being a good friend of ours. He specialises in fast road and racing bikes utilising our modded turbos to achieve new land speed records.  Over the time we’ve been the supplier of Holeshot Racing they’ve managed to …

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Team Red Mist - Drift Champions

Team Red Mist – Drift Champions

Team Red Mist have been supported by us here at AET for many years now and every member of the team is a brilliant driver and even more importantly ‘drifter’. Taking part in the British Drifting championship and showing is incredible performances winning them top titles is half the reason we love these guys, that …

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Auto Draft 2

Eric Holmes

Eric Holmes has competed in the Super Lap Scotland on multiple occasions seeing 1st place finishes in his group plenty of times over. He always brings in his Precision 6767 turbo in for an overhaul before every big race. Winning 1st place in class A on the 21st July 2018 was a big moment for …

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Darren Spooner 2

Darren Spooner

Darren Spooner has been a racer from Spoox Motorsports for a while now, competing in plenty of events across the UK in his Peugeot 205. Sporting an AET supplied and looked after GT2860. Its a pleasure working with Darren and we have always been excited to see him perform, one motto always comes through when …

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Martyn Henry 3

Martyn Henry

One of our supported lone racers Martyn Henry has always performed incredible in the racing seasons and events, sporting our supplied turbo giving him the power he needs. Martyn has been looked after by ourselves for a few years now and has performed in the Time Attack Championship multiple years placing extremely well every time. …

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Colin Dorwood 3

Colin Dorwood

Colin Dorwood races in the SLS Pro Class and other seasonal leagues and is one of the best drivers we know, often taking home the gold or close to it and smashing those lap times in his Mitsubishi Evo fitted with a AET looked after turbo both when repairs are needed, quick fixes and customization. …

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Team Cowie Racing

Team Cowie Racing

We’ve helped keep Team Cowie Racings turbo in top performance during their time in Group C at events such as Super Lap Scotland. Maintaining the quality and power needed to get them into top positions is something we’re especially proud of after they’re continual success in competition. 2017 saw them winning round 6 of the …

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Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage 1

Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage

Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage This is a common problem with turbos that are attached to pieces of equipment that are stored outside, like marine turbos and those attached to outdoor generators. The problem is that prolonged exposure to the elements and water causes a build up of corrosive materials (and rust). Apart from causing …

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