John Ledbrook

John Ledbrook - Ford Anglia Cosworth Turbo

John Ledbrook 2

Renowned Hill Climb competitor from the island of Guernsey, John Ledbrook, came to AET with a TB3403 turbo in need of an overhaul. The unit was leaking considerable amounts of oil past the turbine end seal within the bearing housing. There was also wear and scoring to the shaft wheel and to the bearing pack. Thankfully, the unit was able to be swiftly repaired by our team and it was back in Guernsey with John just 7 days after it arrived at AET HQ.

John’s eye-catching setup consists of a 400bhp Cosworth YB engine boasting 420lbs of torque. The 1967 Anglia shell is fitted with wide wheel arches, a roll cage, and an anti-roll bar.

This 400bhp Ford Anglia Cosworth (Turbo) is a real beauty isn’t it?

Click this link to see John in action at the Guernsey Hill Climb:

If you have a unique setup like John and your turbo is in need of repair, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

John Ledbrook 1

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