AET Turbos – Working hand in hand with motorsport

AET  Turbos sponsor a large amount of drivers in all sorts of different types of motorsport from, British RallyCross, Rallying, Time Attack, Motorcycle, Drifting and Truck racing.  So throughout the course of the year we will be giving you an over view in to the pieces of kit we supplied along with who it was for and what it was being fitted too.

This month we have been working with Mark Watson, better known as  ‘Mad Mark’  ( 4 times British Rally Cross champion ‘Mad Mark’ is a dab hand when it comes to Rally Cross events.  Mad Mark runs a distinctive bright pink Citroen Xsara WRC super car running 500 bhp with a mind blowing 0-60 time of 1.9 seconds.

So for 2016 AET Turbos has built an EFR7670 with a 45mm restrictor, running an aftermarket T3 External wastgate turbine housing. A speed sensor has been fitted along with a BOC block off plate from Turbosmart. Over the next few weeks ‘Mad Mark’ will be dropping off his Citroen Xsara to AET Motorsport for some work including dyno runs with the new turbo we built for him.

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