Holset turbochargers are built by Cummins Turbo Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of medium to heavy-duty diesel turbochargers for the automotive, off-highway, marine and power generation applications.

Founded in Huddersfield in 1952, the company has a rich history in producing high-performance, energy-efficient race turbochargers, and Holset turbochargers have been used to help boost engines on Indy Cars and powerboats.

Specialising in the creation of robust, reliable turbochargers that are designed to perform in high power applications and harsh environments, Holset turbochargers can also be found on everything from on-highway trucks to Paris –Dakar racers!

We’ve got the knowledge and experience needed to provide professional repairs to a full range of Holset turbochargers, and can provide a wide variety of replacements, spares and parts.