Agricultural Turbos

The power behind turbos for agriculture

Agriculture, more than most other industries, relies on efficient vehicles. The rising cost of fuel makes this more and more difficult, but by working with the turbo experts at AET you can reduce downtime and increase the effectiveness of your fleet and, therefore, cut costs.

There isn’t a company in the UK that knows or cares more about agricultural turbos than AET. For more than 38 years, we have worked closely with our agricultural clients and partners to ensure that our in-depth engineering knowledge of turbos is matched by our understanding of needs of the industry.

Turbo is a distinct area of engineering science, which is why we treat it that way. Under laboratory conditions, we put all turbos through rigorous, repeatable processes to ensure that all repairs and reconditions result in units that match or exceed OE standards. Precision is everything, and every part is dimensionally analysed so that nothing is left to chance. For our clients, such as Same Lamborghini and Deutz, this level of excellence translates into reliability and efficiency.

A history of excellence

They say that practice makes perfect. Since 1974, we have specialised in new and remanufactured turbochargers and parts for agriculture and other applications. Since then, our experience, expertise and commitment to British manufacturing have grown exponentially, and we are now known throughout the world for our rigorous, scientific approach to turbos. That’s why AET should be your first choice of agricultural turbos specialist.

Agricultural Turbos