Audi A3 Replacement Turbo

The Audi A3 has been produced since 1996 and the current model, produced since 2012 has been highly regarded, winning ‘What car? Car of the Year 2013′ and “World Car of the Year 2014’. The A3 comes in both a Hatchback and Sportback model. The diesel engines range from 1.6L – 2.0L and the petrol engines range from 1.2L to the engine in the range topping RS3 which is 2.5L, produces 362hp and takes the car from 0-62mph in a blistering 4.3 seconds.

We have a wealth of experience with the Audi A3, and have replaced & repaired many A3 turbos. We’ll almost certainly have a replacement turbo in stock for you, and our turbo specialists will be able to help to diagnose what caused your A3 turbo to fail. There isn’t an A3 turbo problem we haven’t seen & fixed before.

If you’re having problems with your A3 turbo, select your model below, and give us a call.

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