Turbo Reconditioning Sheffield

Do you need a turbo repair or replacement? AET Turbos, based in Wakefield, have been leading the way in turbo reconditioning since 1974. And we’re happy to have supplied many customers from Sheffield with a turbo repair or replacement turbo.

Call us on 01924 894 171 to speak one of our expert advisors.
We have 2 solutions to get your turbo replaced or repaired and put you back on the road:

Same day turbo exchange programme

This is the fastest way to replace a failed turbo. We can have a replacement turbo packed and on its way to Sheffield by the time you’ve hung up the phone.
Read more about our same day exchange programme >

All of our turbos are remanufactured to the highest standards. We were the first turbo remanufacturing company in the UK to achieve ISO9001. Read more about our turbo remanufacturing process >

Turbo repair service

If your turbo has failed, AET Turbos’ repair service is an excellent choice to get you back on the roads of Sheffield quickly and usually at a lower cost than a new or remanufactured turbo. Read more about our turbo repair service >

Our turbo repair service includes a detailed diagnostic analysis of your failed turbo. We’ll then get in touch to share the prognosis with you, recommend a solution to prevent further failures, and give you a fixed quotation to repair the turbo.

It’s really important to identify why your turbo failed, to avoid fitting a new one or having it repaired, only to have the same thing happen again.

Call us today on 01924 894 171

If you’re having problems with your car’s turbo, call the experts at AET. Whatever the weather in Sheffield today, we’re positive we can put a smile back on your face.