Power and Efficiency – The benefits of an ECU Reflash

What is an ECU?

The engine control unit, or ECU, is your vehicle’s on-board computer, and is responsible for controlling a number of different engine functions, including the ignition timing, turbocharger boost pressure and fuelling.

Like any computer, the ECU has software with different settings, and these can be changed to alter the performance and driving characteristics of a vehicle. This process is known as ECU remapping, reflashing, or sometimes ‘chipping’.

Why do I need a reflash?

When manufacturers build a new vehicle, they programme the ECU to certain set specifications, but in the vast majority of cases – these aren’t the optimum settings.

This is because ECUs are programmed with in-built safeguards designed to cover the use of substandard or lower octane fuel, and to protect the engine from the damaging effects of neglect – like leaving it too long between services.

In addition, some manufacturers artificially restrict performance to ensure that a vehicle fits into a certain class to suit fleet buyers and the company car market.

Generally, stock ECU settings hamper the performance and economy of an engine, and by optimising them, you can improve power and efficiency without compromising the durability and longevity of your vehicle.

Different types of reflash

ECUs can be calibrated in a number of different ways, to suit the individual requirements of different vehicle owners.

Remapping for economy

If you’re running a business, have a large commercial fleet, or just want to reduce the running costs of your vehicles, then you can choose to have an ECU remap to significantly improve fuel economy, helping to keep your fuel bills to a minimum.

In some cases, an economy remap may be able to deliver fuel efficiency increases of 10%, meaning that they provide an excellent return on investment.

Remapping for performance

Whether you’re a driving enthusiast looking for a more engaging drive, or just want to every last drop of performance out of your car, a performance remap will help to maximise the drivability and responsiveness of your vehicle.

Performance remaps can provide a significant increase to your vehicle’s BHP, improving both acceleration and top speed.

Remapping for both performance and economy

In many cases, it’s possible to improve both the performance and economy of a vehicle by tweaking the ECU settings to be better balanced, providing you with the best of both worlds.

How we can help

At AET, our friendly, expert teams have the knowledge, experience and technology to provide ECU remapping for a full range of passenger and commercial vehicles.

Whether turbocharged or naturally aspirated, petrol or diesel, we can provide a tailored, cost-effective remapping service designed to ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle.

With a responsive, fully mobile service for commercial customers, we can complete all work at your premises, helping to minimise downtime in your business.

For further information on any aspect of remapping, get in touch with an expert member of the AET team today on 01924 588 266.