Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion

Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion

In this image, you can see a seal plate with the tell-tale signs of corrosion damage. On a new, undamaged back plate, the surface would be smooth, but here, corrosion has caused the face of the seal to become pitted, worn and roughened.

This kind of problem is fairly common on turbochargers that are used in marine and industrial applications, where moisture gets into the turbo and begins to weaken and wear away at the materials.

Corrosion damage only gets worse over time, and reduces both the efficiency and output of the turbo, as air from the compressor and gas from the turbine leak out into the bearing housing.
At AET, our expert teams can repair minor corrosion damage, but in more serious cases, it may be necessary to replace the component with a new seal plate.

Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion 1

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