Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage 1

Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage

Compressor Wheel – Corrosion Damage This is a common problem with turbos that are attached to pieces of equipment that are stored outside, like marine turbos and those attached to outdoor generators. The problem is that prolonged exposure to the elements and water causes a build up of corrosive materials (and rust). Apart from causing …

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Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion 1

Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion

Seal Plate Damage – Corrosion In this image, you can see a seal plate with the tell-tale signs of corrosion damage. On a new, undamaged back plate, the surface would be smooth, but here, corrosion has caused the face of the seal to become pitted, worn and roughened. This kind of problem is fairly common …

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Compressor Cover Damage – Scoring 1

Compressor Cover Damage – Scoring

Compressor Cover Damage – Scoring This image illustrates scoring out of the compressor cover profile, and occurs when excessive wear and movement in either the thrust bearing or journal bearing (or both) causes excessive movement in the rotor. In turn, this causes the compressor wheel to rub against the compressor cover, scoring out the profile. …

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Compressor Cover damage – Corrosion 1

Compressor Cover damage – Corrosion

Compressor Cover damage – Corrosion In the image, you can see corrosion damage to the seal area and inlet of the compressor cover. This type of damage is extremely common with Porsche units as, with the turbos sited so low down on the vehicle, they catch all the road debris that gets flung up from …

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Wastegate Actuator damage 1

Wastegate Actuator damage

Wastegate Actuator damage Faulty or damaged actuators are the cause of many of the turbo problems we see at AET, but they can be easy to overlook. The wastegate actuator acts as a pressure relief valve, which ultimately controls the boost output of a turbocharger. It works by holding the wastegate shut until the required …

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